4x4 Route

They are places that only the locals get to

All terrain

We will stop in some magical places

In Navarre there are some of the best preserved forests in Europe, but they have a past with a human presence that show a culture and traditions that are closely linked to the land.

They are places that only the locals get to, and you can stop in unique spots with superb views… We’ll be stopping in some magical places and taking photos.

In 1959, Luis Vallet and Jorge Oteiza as a tribute to Father Donostia designed a unit consisting of a chapel and a stele that were installed in the natural beauty spot on Mount Agiña, a place where there are numerous megalithic monuments.

Nature, art, architecture and history blend into a single unit.

It is not to be missed. We will be surprised by the lovely traditional architecture in the town of Lesaka, which provides a clear example of Basque housing.

And finally we will visit San Juan Xar, an authentic temple of popular belief.

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