The luxury of silence

Be here now


In our 5-star Hotel, each room is part of a collection of paintings that begins in our Restaurant. They are snippets of the story of a relationship between two people, each moment and each picture has its poem.

Deluxe KARIO

Free, free together


Free bodies speak to each other when they dance. Here I come, I’m with you, let’s get out of here, darling. 

The roads collide, not on the side, but from ahead. You are my obstacle. 

The doubt of whether there will be room there will be room for two lanes in what was once a single road.


One cannot be without the other: the fire has burned them on the inside and out.

They have melted, been welded together.


I made the body mine until I could not let go. But to be tied up is not to touch, it is not to caress. 

It’s just being stuck together.

Premium TTIKI

One cannot do without the other. 

Knots in the hair and knots in the throat; two bodies too tight in one skin.

Premium PITTIN

Don’t go too far. I’m here. Can’t you see me?

 I have enough air. Come with me. Without holding my hand, come. I don’t know the way. I step on your feet. 

Nothing happens

Attic Room IDIXKO

Something snapped inside us. Snap, but we didn’t break. 

We were afraid of, we didn’t break. We didn’t break.


Protect me. I’m short of breath. Touch me. Come. 

We could fall. 

You are air.

Junior Suite KUTTUNA

I love you.

Junior Suite LAZTANA

One cannot be without the other. 

Hot skin, the edges burn, caress me with your palm.

Junior Suite PUTTU

Two inseperable entities. One calm unique breath.

Suite Arantza MATEA

Four hands looking for each other. Two necks, our skin and two glances, merged into each other. Two inseparable entities. 

One breath, calm.


Luxury has a name and is ARANTZA HOTELA