All my work comes from an aesthetic research. It is not conceptual and/or figurative art…. They are abstract concepts with which I work.

I understand aesthetics as the fusion of three elements: matter, shapes and colors.The material I fundamentally work with is wood.

The forms correspond to those observed in the aesthetic expression of my people and those observed, also, in the sculptors who have preceded me.

The colors, those also observed in the aesthetic expression of the people and their artists.  Although there is a universal or collective aesthetic, each people has its own aesthetic. Therefore, the whole explanation of my work has this basis.

As a sculptor, I work with structures, with blocks that merge, which are also summarized in architecture, although here I present a collection of paintings in that line.

Regarding the gypsum glass paintings, I would like to say that they are from the Bardenas Reales. Gypsum and alabaster are chemically the same, distinguished only by their hardness.

As a last note, I would like to say that the collection of circles corresponds to the harmonic breaking of the circle itself.

I hope you enjoy the exhibition.