The first 5*Hotel to be Ecolabel Certified

Committed and Responsible

etiqueta ecolabel hotel cinco estrellas

Arantza Hotela is an Ecological and 100% sustainable hotel committed to environmental preservation and sustainable development. 

This environmental commitment has led Arantza Hotela to obtain the European Ecolabel issued by the European Economic Community (ECOLABEL registration ES-NA/051/002), official system of the European Commission to recognize and identify environmentally friendly products and services.

What makes Arantza Hotela sustainable accomodation?

We optimize the use of natural light.

We use 100% renewable energy.

We have a hot water installation, lighting systems, and air conditioning that are all energy efficient.
These are the criteria used when buying the energy efficient systems for water and energy.

Clients are offered organics products, both the edible as well as non- food or drink products.
We avoid creating waste by using mostly one-dose packaging, reusable water bottles .

We sort waste for recycling.

The are sorting bins for organic waste, packaging, and other waste in the common areas for clients.
We promote the use of sustainable transport with our clients.

We have charging station point for an electric car with two sockets as well as electric bikes.
At Arantza Hotela, the water comes from our own wells, we are committed to responsible consumption, and use a heat recovery system. We also apply control in the water flow in the taps and showers.