Our Art Hotel

Art is a form of expression that brings beauty, meaning and emotion to any place.At Arantza Hotela we are committed to creating an atmosphere that inspires our clients by blending art into the rooms of our hotel.

The Hotel is a work of art in itself. Every detail in the hotel, from the furniture in the bedrooms to our tasting room has been designed by an artist with a clear objective in mind: to curate a unique atmosphere.

Art in the bedrooms

The bedrooms in Arantza Hotela are miniature art galleries. Each bedroom is decorated with a painting that tells a love story. This love story is told through the paintings that are dotted throughout the hotel. Beginning with a painting in the hotel dining room, then moving on to the bedrooms, our clients can follow the different stages of the love story.

arantzahotela suite room

Art in the dining room.

The dining room itself is also a work of art. The table and chairs were designed with a very special meaning in mind which you will learn about during your stay with us.

This creates an intimate and warm atmosphere.

Local Art

We support the local economy by collaborating with local artists who create works of art for our hotel and at the same time providing them a space to exhibit their pieces.

art galery

This is an idyllic setting where art, design, nature, calm, a chance to switch off, topped with unique experiences come together.

Very close to Biarritz, Bilbao, Bordeaux, Pamplona, and San Sebastian.

A unique experience.

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