First 5-star in Navarra and the Peninsula to obtain Ecolabel certification

In Arantza Hotela, we are proud to announce that we have achieved the Ecolabel certificate, becoming the first 5 star hotel in Navarra and the Peninsula to obtain it.

The Ecolabel certificate is an international recognition granted by the European Commission to products and services that meet the highest standards of environmental sustainability. In the case of hotels, this certificate is awarded to those that demonstrate their commitment to protecting the environment, reducing the consumption of resources and improving the quality of life of their guests.

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Photo Adrien Ballenger

In order to achieve the Ecolabel certificate, Arantza Hotela our 5 star Ecolabel Hotel has made a series of changes in its facilities and work processes. Among them are:

Reduction of energy and water consumption:

  • The hotel uses renewable energies, such as solar energy and biomass, to cover its energy needs.
  • The rooms are equipped with efficient air conditioning and hot water systems.
  • Water-saving devices have been installed throughout the hotel.

Use of sustainable materials and products:

  • The hotel uses recycled and sustainable materials in the construction and decoration of its facilities.

Promotion of sustainable mobility:

  • The hotel offers its guests the possibility of renting bicycles to move around the area.

Photo Adrien Ballenger

Reduction of waste generation:

  • The hotel has a waste separation system for recycling and composting.

Raising employee and guest awareness of the importance of sustainability:

  • The hotel offers training to its employees on environmental sustainability.

These changes have enabled Arantza Hotela to reduce its environmental impact even further.

By obtaining the Ecolabel certificate, Arantza Hotela reaffirms its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. This recognition is a symbol of the environmental excellence of our hotel and an added value for our guests.

If you are looking for a sustainable and responsible hotel, Arantza Hotela is the best option for you. Book your stay today and enjoy a unique experience in a privileged natural environment.

Photo Adrien Ballenger

Relationship between sustainability and our hotel and gourmet restaurant:
Sustainability is present in all aspects of Arantza Hotela, from its facilities to its gastronomic offer.

In our restaurant, we work with local and seasonal products from suppliers committed to sustainability. In addition, we use environmentally friendly cooking techniques,
All our dishes are prepared with care and dedication, using the best ingredients and the most innovative techniques.

We believe that sustainability is fundamental for the future of our planet. That is why at Arantza Hotela we work every day to reduce our environmental impact and offer our guests a unique and responsible experience.

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