How Arantza Hotel started


“Once upon a time, a group of friends were out hiking in the hills….” That’s one way we could start our story, nineteen years ago, “… and they decided to build a hotel where they could one day live.”

I remember the first time we visited the area. There was a road from Arantza that seemed to lead to nowhere, to an unbelievable place, wild in nature, water everywhere. “Where are you taking me?”… then as we arrived we were wowed, what a place! “So what is it you say we are going to build here? A five star country hotel? Exclusive? Small? You’re crazy… I’m in!”

Since then it has rained (and snowed) a lot, but in 2012 building began. Those of you who have been here will know that it was not easy to get the cement trucks up here, those huge glass window panels… But despite those few initial problems, we were joyfully able to open Arantza Hotela at the end of 2013.

ABallanger Arantza Ambient

And it’s been over 10 years since then!

And yet, the lush wilderness that surrounds us never ceases to surprise us. It’s because of it that we chose this place. It was love at first sight.

Even though there are over 250 blueprints for the building, and even though the initial ideas for decoration were a lot more traditional, it was Jose Pablo Arriaga, in charge of the interior design, who came up with another idea. He was given the freedom to create the furniture that he “felt” was right for the space. His thoughts were, “How am I to make traditional furniture for a space that is new?”

The end result was a design hotel, an only adults Art Hotel with exclusive furniture. It was a five star hotel with a private spa that can be booked exclusively for couples, and let’s not forget the food with our Gourmet Restaurant and a very special collaboration from the three Michelin star restaurant, Arzak.

What about the team? Let’s just say that those who took part in this folly of a dream are still here because we just love what we do, to take care of those who come and visit us as we would like to be cared for. As we like to say it isn’t just down to the quality, but to the TLC.

Arantza Hotela is a place that envelops you in silence, a five star only adults hotel where time is on a different continuum… yours and that of nature. A charming boutique hotel. 

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